Minitools Coating

Company organization

Addressing various markets the company is structured in complementary production departments.

The coating department counts on: a) three coating devices with chambers of different sizes, in order to realize dedicated batches, therefore optimized coatings for different applications and organizational flexibility, b) two ultrasonic cleaning lines, c) three micro-blasting machines (of which one, fully automatic, is reserved for hobs and shaper cutters  for the preparation of the surfaces to be coated). We use grits of different types and sizes according to the scope: surface preparation, deburring or edges preparation.

The resharpening department consists of six CNC sharpener machines, three of which are specific for hobs (two Klingelnberg SNC31 and one Klingelnberg CNC30) and three are manual sharpeners.

All CNC machines have the oil filtering system suitable for carbide processing and coolant temperature control.

Some of the software for processing and profiling of the grinding wheels are proprietary.


The tools building department includes a CNC lathe with vaulting of 400mm,  a modern 5-axis machining center with tilting table and 32 tools storage,  as well as two internal grinding machines with group for grind the side faces.

We also have a tooling department with main machine tools, such as parallel lathe, milling cutter, column drill and hacksaw, which is fundamental for the fast realization of clamping devices for washing and coating the always different types of molds, tools and mechanical components that our Customers entrust us.

Finally, our quality and test department is equipped with the tools necessary for PVD coating controls with microscopes, calo test and adhesion control, and a metrology room with roughness tester, HRC hardness tester, profile projector and steady temperature room with involute checking equipment that allows us to verify and, if necessary, certify the geometrical characteristics of resharpening and tools of our production.