Minitools Coating

About MiniTools Coating - Company overview

miniToolsCoating s.r.l. was founded in 2001 with the aim to realize precision regrinding and PVD coating of gear cutting tools; our background and experience is correlated with a major gears manufacturer of Padua.

Since the beginning we decided to invest only in the best state of the art technologies, modern machines of important firms like , for example, Klingelnberg for regrinding machines and Platit for PVD devices.

Over the years we have pursued a policy of constant development and continuous investment to successfully deal with the wide world of gear cutting tools regrinding: HSS and carbide hobs, shapers, solid Gleason cutters for bevel gears, Coniflex blades, HSS and carbide stick blades of various types, like Gleason RSR, Pentac and Oerlikon, sharpened on two or three sides.


We constantly upgraded and updated our PVD coating processes by structuring our plants with differentiated load capacities and technical staff able to optimize, control, and continuously develop our coating portfolio, with the goal of realizing cycles dedicated to the different applications.

We believe that this is the only way to offer to our customers the best coatings, optimized to his specific production requirements, with a quick and flexible service.

The great entrepreneurial spirit of the company owners led to start a production line for the construction of tools for bevel gears.

Realizing internally all the design and processes, except for the heat treatment which is carried out exclusively by first-tier suppliers, we produce a full range of solid mill cutters and Hardac ® type blades for Gleason bevel gear type.

Our tools are delivered in 5-6 weeks from order, with high stable quality, to our worldwide customers!