Minitools Coating

Sharpening & Coating

miniToolsCoating realizes sharpening of all the main tools used in the manufacture of gears, using modern CNC machines, in accordance with the most restrictive regulation, for example class AA DIN 3968 for the hobs.

Appropriate checks are performed with dedicated equipment, included an involute checking equipment that allows us to verify and certify the geometrical characteristics of our production.


We resharpen steel and carbide hob cutters, disc or bell shaper cutters, spur and helical, and shank shaper cutters.

Shaper Cutters

The shaper cutters with helical teeth are sharpened only with numerical control machines equipped with internal precision touch probe.

Coniflex Cutters

The sharpening is performed with numerical control machine by using CBN grinding wheels for a cold cut.

Stick Blade Tools

We sharpen stick blades in HSS and carbide in the different sections used for cutting spiral bevel gears...

Solid Cutters Gleason type

The sharpening is performed with numerical control machine, with the use of...