Minitools Coating


We resharpen steel and carbide hob cutters, disc or bell shaper cutters with spur and helical teeth.

The hobs are sharpened in compliance with the accuracy class AA of the norm DIN3968.

The resharpening are carried out by specialized operators, with the use of modern numerical control machines and with the care to only remove all wear only. This is to provide the highest repeatability of performance with minimal consumption of the tools.

Particular attention is placed in obtaining a roughness Ra <0.3 micron and avoid overheating or burning of the material.

The geometric accuracy of the sharpening is guaranteed by  cyclic controls with three-dimensional involute checking equipment.

The removal of the old coating prior to application of the new (de-coating), is always planned in the regeneration of tool steel. According to the type of coating to be eliminated, different non-aggressive chemical procedures are used.

For carbide tools de-coating is possible with the exception of chromium-based coatings such as CrN, ALTICROME, AlCrN.


In the regeneration of carbide hobs therefore propose two different procedures, with or without de-coating:

  • if the customer's request is a coating with Chrome, ALTICROME for example, sharpening and coating are performed up to three consecutive times, then the tool is sent to the manufacturer for the necessary re-profiling, which restores surfaces and geometries as new. The hub can then be re-coated, sharpened and coated again up to three times
  • if the customer's request is a coating without Chrome, for example ALTIN ​​nano or SILICUT, the hob can be managed as a tool steel, that is, with the de-coating at each sharpening, or by performing resharpening and coating three consecutive times, after which you can perform the de-coating of all the reported layers. It should be noted that the elimination of 3 microns coating of carbide takes about 48 hours

In any case the carbide hobs are managed with a record form, which shows how many and which coatings are performed, to accurately determine when to perform decoating or reprofiling.

For an optimal management of carbide hobs we ask the customer to buy them NOT covered, and to entrust us exclusively for the first coating and then for the subsequent resharpening and recoatings.