Minitools Coating

Stick Blade Tools

We sharpen stick blades in HSS and carbide in the different sections used for cutting spiral bevel gears with Oerlikon or Gleason technology.

We build cutting profiles according to the summary provided by the customer. We can realize the same active profile sharpened on two or three sides:

  • profiles made ​​on three sides are perfectly suitable to be regenerated by regrinding and take full advantage of the application of the coating; they can be produced in a rectangular section bars, constructively simpler;
  • the same profile, made on two faces, allows subsequent regrinding, retaining coating on the cut side. It is realized on bars of more complex construction, with a pre-built cutting angle.


In collaboration with the customer we develop optimizations of the cutting tools geometry and, when a better chip removal is required, we implement sharpening with double rake.

We have a three-dimensional involute checking equipment with which we can certify the correspondence between the data and the summary of the stick blades profile. This allows us to realize the MASTER STICK BLADE.

The sharpening are made using the best technologies available: thermostated machines with precision probes which, however, control the thermal drift and the grinding wheels wear.

In order to avoid overheating and burning of the material during the grinding, specific grinding wheels are used for roughing and finishing cycles.

After profiling, the stick blades go to our coatings department, where they are coated, according to their application, with three different coatings.

On steel stick blades we propose a special TiN for traditional processing, and the COMPOSAL for processing where it is required more productivity.

Carbide stick blades used in manufacturing of gear cutting machines with high-speed CNC, even at dry cutting, we offer our coating SILICUT. After the coating it is controlled the adhesion and thickness of the layers.

Thanks to our large number of machinery we are able to collaborate with the customer in real time, proposing ourself as a reliable partner for the execution of sharpening and coatings in a matter of days.