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Our experience at the service of the customer

miniToolsCoating s.r.l. was founded in 2001 with the aim to offer precision sharpening services and PVD coatings for gear tools; the birth of the company is linked to an important gear manufacturer from Padua.

In order to be at the forefront of the market, we have equipped ourselves with the best technologies available, investing exclusively on new plants and machines and up-to-date technologies, relying upon prestigious names such as Klingelnberg for resharpening and Platit for PVD coatings.


Tool sharpening

Over the years we have pursued a policy of constant development and continuous investments in order to successfully face the wide world of gear tool sharpening: steel and carbide hobs, straight, helical and shank-type shaper cutters, Gleason-type solid milling cutters, Coniflex®-type blades for straight bevel gears and stick blades for spiral bevel gears of any type, such as RSR, Pentac®, Oerlikon, made from steel and carbide, sharpened on two or three faces.

PVD coatings

We have constantly upgraded and updated our PVD coating equipment thanks to plants with differentiated capacities and technicians who are able to constantly optimize, control and develop our range of coatings with the aim to create application-specific cycles.

We believe that this is the only way to offer our customers the best PVD coatings, optimized according to their specific production needs, with a quick and flexible service.

Tradition and

The great entrepreneurial spirit of the company owners has led to the creation of a production line for the manufacturing of bevel gear tools.

Designing and machining is carried out fully in-house, except for heat treatment, which is entrusted exclusively to first-tier suppliers, and we produce a complete range of solid milling cutters, Coniflex® blades and stick blades for bevel gears.