Closed Loop carbide stick blades production

Stick Blades are produced using stricltly controlled raw materials.

All grinding operations are done with the best state of the art technologies.

Both Oerlikon and Gleason blade profiles are realized using the original project of our Customer.

Blade inspection device and profile grinding machine are connected to realize the highest level of precision of our tools.
Stick Blades are supplied with specific coatings, for dry or oil cutting.

Closed Loop Schema

All various square section and also the pentagonal types are produced.

Geometry and dimensions are strictly inspected before profile generation. Automatic loaders are used for the rouging operation, the profile is realized on a semi finished geometry.

During the sharpening the variations of the finished profile from the theorical geometry are automatically compensated.
Tools are fully corresponding to the project of our Customer.

Extreme precision of the sharpening of the set allows a quick set up of cutter heads.

Download CLOSED LOOP data sheet

Before delivery to our Customer blades are internally PVD coated with special coating SILICUT for cutting with oil or GEARCUT for dry cutting operation.