Carbide stick blades for bevel gears

miniToolsCoating present the production of carbide stick blades: square sections for Oerlikon cutter heads and pentagonal types for Gleason cutter heads

Stick blades are supplied in 3 different conditions:

  1. Stick blades without profile: end users can realize active profile according to their own bevel gear project.
  2. Stick blades with roughed profile: end users save a lot of time when sharpening. The profile is exactly the same as the finished one, with approximately 0,3mm stock removal material.
  3. Stick blades with finished profile and PVD coating: end users can directly assemble the cutter head. The profile is realized with original Klingelnberg B27 blade sharpening machine in cloosed loop with Klingelnberg BC12 blade checker, using the bevel gear project files .KIP or .SPA

In order to ensure maximum and stable performance of our stick blades, the raw material is supplied exclusively by qualified sintered carbide manufacturers. Our long-standing experience in the production of tools has led us to choose a carbide containing 10% micrograin cobalt, with low porosity and high purity.

Download Brochure

Download Brochure

Carbide stick blades are produced with very narrow tolerances and high precision squareness and flatness, in order to ensure optimum performance when they are mounted on blade holding discs.

T W L α1° α2° mTC code
7,5 9 100 28° 28° SB750900HM
9,65 11,43 105 28° SB9651143HM
10,16 12,7 105 4,5° 24° SB10161270HM
10,16 15,24 105 4,5° 24° SB10161524HM
12,70 15,24 105 4,5° 24° SB12701524HM
10,67 16,51 110 12° 28° SB10671651HM
13,50 17 110 28° 28° SB13501700HM