Coniflex® G104 blades

miniToolsCoating produces Coniflex® blades for straight-toothed gears.

The solid milling cutter is composed of two discs, one with right cutting edges and one with left cutting edges, in order to discontinuously machine (one tooth at a time) the two sides at the same time.

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Manufacturing with CNC machines

The blades are produced by using modern CNC machines which ensure precise and repetitive machining. We only use high-quality sintered steels: ASP2023 or S390.


During grinding operations, we pay attention to all the aspects that contribute to high-quality tools and gears:

  • Ra is moderate and uniform between side and front of the cutting edge, for higher performance tools;
  • Reduced axial and radial runout, for optimum quality of the manufactured gears.

Silicut coating

Our Coniflex®-type blades come with the exclusive Silicon-based SILICUT coating, whose high hardness and toughness in addition to the low coefficient of friction allow to deliver superior performance compared to traditional tools.

Tool testing

All the tools come with a test certificate, achieved through the use of modern CNC optical control systems, to offer our customers the guarantee that the tools we produce deliver maximum precision and repeatability.

Packaging and delivery

Our products are delivered in robust, elegant packagings to preserve the integrity of the tools during transport.

Definitions for order specifications

Example: G104E 60TC

G104E = defines the type of tool
60 = number identifying Blade Point Width [inc. x 1000]
T = letter identifying the number of cutting edges

T = 24 cutting edges
U = 16 cutting edges
C = letter identifying the pressure angle
A = 22° 35’ D = 20° 0’
B = 22° 12’ E = 17° 30’
C = 21° 30’ F = 14 °30’

The Blade Point Width thickness is associated to a standard cutting radius value, but we can supply specific values according to your requests upon ordering.