We sharpen steel and carbide hobs, disk-type or bell-type and shank-type shaper cutters with straight or helical teeth.

Hobs are sharpened in compliance with the accuracy class with which they were built; we are able to meet even the most strict tolerances dictated by class AAA.

The geometric precision of sharpening is ensured thanks to an involute measuring machine; we can provide the customer with a sharpening certificate upon request.

Particular care is taken to obtain a roughness with Ra < 0,3 μm and to avoid overheating or burning of the material. This is also possible thanks to CBN or diamond grinding wheels in case of carbide.

Sharpening is performed by specialized operators using modern numerical control machines, paying attention to only remove the entire worn section. This to offer maximum performance repeatability with minimum tool wear.

Before sharpening we can perform the DECOATING, which is removal of the old coating. This is always done in the case of steel tools, where different chemical processes that are non-aggressive towards the substrate are used according to the type of coating to remove. For carbide tools, DECOATING is possible except for Chromium-based coatings, such as ALTICROME and GearCut.

To regenerate carbide hobs we offer two different processes: with or without chemical DECOATING.

For example, if the customer requests coating with Chromium, GearCut or ALTICROME, sharpening and coating are performed up to three times in a row, then the tool must be sent to the manufacturer for the required re-profiling, which restores surfaces and geometries as if new; the hob can then be re-coated, then sharpened and coated again for three times in a row.

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Download Brochure